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Review: AI Tools for Quick Brand Name Selection

Written by
Daria Ofitserova
Published on
21 June 2023


Recently, there's been an increase in AI tools, especially for startups. I looked into tools listed on and to see how they compare in terms of value proposition and actual function.

Focus: Brand name generation

Outcome: AI can generate startup names and identify available domains quickly.

Number of tools tested: 9

Preferred Tools:

Note: The goal here is to identify tools that produce good, but not perfect, results. I expect AI to handle the bulk of the task, but final refinements are up to humans.

Tools Tested

  • Namelix, "Generate a short, brandable business name using artificial intelligence". It provides name options and checks domain availability, redirecting to Namecheap.
  • Looka, "Business Name Generator". Generates various types of names, checking domain availability and suggesting alternatives. Redirects to for registration.
  • DomainsGPT, "Generate brandable & memorable domain names using AI". User-defined preferences produce nine suggestions, checking availability through GoDaddy.
  • NameSnack, "Name generator that discovers unique and available business names". Lists longer, and sometimes less precise names, redirecting to GoDaddy for domains.
  • NamingMagic, "Use AI to name your company and find a domain". Offers three suggestions, redirecting to GoDaddy for domains.
  • Namique, "AI-Powered Name Generator. Short, brandable, and memorable names powered by AI". Gives six name suggestions. Uses Namecheap for domain registration.
  • NameWizardAI, "Generate domain names using AI". Charges $39 for GPT-4 generated domain names.
  • Namy, "Simple tool to generate domain name ideas". Suggests domain names without clear pricing. Uses GoDaddy and Namecheap for domains.
  • DomainBrainstormer, "Unique Domain Names for Your Business". Provides two domain options, redirecting users to Namecheap for purchase.
If you know other effective tools, reach out at or


Looka Business Name Generator
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