How it works

Fast Launches is a marketing professional you can partner with in the early stages of your project

I'll join your team to analyze the most effective ways to acquire your first customers and support you from 0 to your first 1,000 users. Partner with me for as long as it suits you — cancel anytime.

👌 For startups, agencies, and small teams.

Average time on subscription ~ 3 months. 

What we can do

Community, content, and engagement are key

In the early stages, extensive spending on SEO and paid marketing channels is often unnecessary. The strategy is to connect with communities and individuals who have a genuine interest in your product. Success hinges on clear, honest communication, and providing compelling content as an incentive.

LinkedIn content + outreach  
X content + outreach 
Reddit, Discord engagement
Product Hunt engagement and launch
Slack, Facebook, Telegram, and niche communities on other platforms
Social media content
Emails, newsletters
Articles, blogs
Case studies
Ebooks, lead magnets 

All included in a subscription $1199/mo 👍

Use add-ons, if you need more:

  • SEO from $199 per project
  • Influencer marketing from $299 per project
  • Targeting and paid marketing (Facebook Ads, Google Ads) from $499 per project
  • Website building and design from $1099 per project

Schedule a free strategy call

Learn how to market you product through content and community. 25-minutes in Zoom.

Meet your marketer

Hey! My name is Daria.
I run this agency solo. I began working with early-stage startups and tech companies in 2018.

💰 I’ve launched two startups on my own (bootstrapped and raised angel investment).

I know how it feels to build stuff from scratch, and I'm happy to help with that.

💬 I focus on communications, content marketing, social media, and community building. 

I believe that marketing for startups should be fast, cheap, and effective. From my experience, there is no point in pouring money into paid acquisition channels (e.g., Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) at first. You can do it later. At the initial stages, low-cost or free channels work better (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, niche groups, forums). They allow you to get not only your first customers but also honest feedback, which is crucial in the early stages.

⏰ I'm working with a limited number of projects

I work with several startups at a time, but this number is limited. So there is no need to worry about quality and competition. When the current workload approaches my maximum, I pause the acceptance of new projects. It also allows me to stay at the forefront and gather real-world insights into what's effective and what isn't. Of course, without sharing any sensitive data.

Meet the process

Start with a single project or opt for a regular subscription. We're here to adapt and perform.



I review your current marketing. We set goals for the upcoming months.



I prepare a plan for the launch. We finalize and agree on the plan. I compile a backlog of tasks.



You monitor progress on a shared board. We sync every week to review the progress and adjust. Contact me anytime there's an important update.



We'll partner as long as you benefit.

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