11 SEO Articles Boost a Fintech Company to Over 700 Clicks

10 May 2024
5 min read

A fintech company about to launch in Malaysia asked for help creating 11 SEO articles. I used ChatGPT and Claude along with a tool called PromptMixer to make this job a lot easier. This is a cool way to use AI from beginning to end. I’m explaining the task and the process further.

Task Overview

Each of the 11 articles was supposed to have a similar structure: a description of the investment type, the company they offer investment in, and a short description of the investment company itself. This number, 11, was chosen because there were 11 companies they wanted to suggest for investing. 

For each article, an SEO specialist provided specific phrases to include and guidelines on how often to use them. Each piece had to be between 2100 and 2800 characters long and include a list of keywords. Additionally, text wateriness, as measured by Istio (a semantic text analysis tool), was to be no higher than 35%, and the percentage in core for any word should not exceed 5%.

These were the general requirements for the texts:

I've Tackled It Using a Series of Prompts

LLMs perform better when they aren't overloaded with information in a single prompt but are guided step-by-step. This can be done manually by pasting one prompt after another or using tools like PromptMixer. It’s designed to manage these sequences and deliver the response to the last prompt. This tool is free to use.

My sequence

Prompt 1: I'm going to share some details about the [name of the investment firm]. Please identify the main services it offers. [Insert text from the website here].

Prompt 2: Review what you know about [the type of investment the company sells]. List the key takeaways.

Prompt 3: Review everything you know about [name of the company they suggest investing in], focusing on its products, financial status, team, current valuation, and other crucial aspects. Summarize the key points.

Prompt 4: Great! Now, write an article about [type of investment] in [company]. The text should be between 2100 and 2800 characters and include the specified key phrases: [list of phrases]. Make sure to follow these guidelines: [summary of the rules].

PromptMixer shows the final answer right away, but you can also check the responses to each prompt along the way. This step-by-step process generated ready-to-post articles. I only needed to fact-check them, check for wateriness, and highlight key phrases for the SEO specialist.

Example of a result in Prompt mixer
Example of a final text

It Didn't Work in These Two Specific Cases

  • Once, I had to find more information about the company myself because there wasn’t enough available online.
  • By the seventh article, the AI seemed a bit tired, and I had to vary the prompts.

All the Rest Worked Well

Writing each article typically took between 1 and 2 hours, which included fact-checking, highlighting keywords, and manual rewriting as needed. The subsequent processes, such as posting the articles, optimizing SEO, and translating them into several languages, were managed by the client, and I was not involved in those steps.

This process is much faster than manually writing text, which used to take over six hours for similar topics. Although it requires setting up the sequence, fact-checking, and making minor edits, the effort is worthwhile. The articles were engaging and optimized for both readers and search engines. Thanks to improved SEO, the website quickly went from no clicks to 700, made the front page on several posts, and traffic in some regions increased fivefold in just one month.

Link to Prompt Mixer.

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