Why Fast Launches?

πŸ’Ž Quality content

Content is king. Our approach focuses on creating content that not only looks great but also delivers real value. Every blog, social post, and case study we craft is designed to engage, inform, and inspire your audience. This boosts your brand’s credibility and builds a loyal, trusting customer base.

πŸ’ Community driven growth

The power of community is key to driving growth. By engaging with users on social platforms, we turn your audience into active brand advocates. This organic growth strategy strengthens customer loyalty and fosters a vibrant, interactive community around your brand.

🎯 Targeted outreach

Reaching the right people is what makes marketing effective. Our targeted outreach involves personalized email campaigns and strategic social media interactions to connect you with your ideal audience. This focused approach ensures efficient use of resources and higher chances of engaging potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your services.

Our services

Content creation and management: LinkedIn, X, Instagram, Facebook.Β Β 
Customer base building and outreach: email, LinkedIn.
Community management:Β Slack, Facebook, Telegram, Discord.
Emails, newsletters, articles, blogs, case studies, ebooks, lead magnets. Β 

πŸ¦„ Building from scratch
We love building from the ground up. Our focus is on startups, agencies, and quick-moving teams. If you're an established company starting something new, we're ready for you too.

πŸ“ƒ Working on a project basis
We take on your whole project, focusing on results.
Reach out to learn what channel fits you most.

Meet your marketer

Hey! My name is Daria πŸ‘‹
I run this agency solo. I began working with early-stage startups and tech companies in 2018.

πŸ’° I’ve launched two startups on my own
(Raised angel investment and bootstrapped).Β I've launched again and again, and now I'm happy to help with that.

πŸ’¬ My focus is on content marketing, social media, and community
I think startup marketing should be quick and affordable. I'll join your team, find out where your audience spends time, and create great content for them.

See what startup community say

You can trust πŸ‘
My team does web development. Daria and I have worked on a few projects together, and I can say she's one of the best editors I've worked with. She truly understands client needs, requiring no revisions to her work.

Leonid Ruduk

CEOΒ NoCodeRed

I really enjoyed working with Daria at United Traders where she was the Head of Content.
She had an exceptional talent for crafting content strategies and setting the perfect tone for our company. Her ability to engage our audience was always impressive. Now, as she starts her subscription-based marketing business, I'm excited to see her bring that same expertise and creativity. I'm looking forward to using her services for all my text needs in my companies and startups. She’s definitely the go-to person for top-notch content and marketing strategies.

Ivan Iufriakov

AI/ML PM | Prompt Engineer

It's the ideal solution when you need that extra marketing edge!
I've worked together on a couple of different projects, and each time, the support was just what we needed. On one project, the expertise in LinkedIn outreach significantly boosted our online presence. For another, the content created for our website was spot on, perfectly aligning with our brand.

Dana Abramenko

CMOΒ Hot Pies

Daria stands out in content writing with her clear and engaging style.
We first met when she was my client, and her skills quickly impressed me. Her contributions have been invaluable, both in our projects and our startup. She's a great asset to any team.

Victor Gubanov

Founder at insaim.design

It's hard to overstate the contribution to our success.
I had the pleasure of working with Daria on our ML startup. She was instrumental in assembling a talented team, securing vital investments, and shaping our strategy. I'm truly grateful for her dedication and expertise.

Cyril Kotrikov

Chief Data Scientist

We worked together with Daria in the early days of The Orbit startup last year, and the experience was both insightful and inspiring.
From organizing webinars to engaging with our initial customer base, Daria's dedication and ability to multitask were truly impressive. I have no doubt that she will bring the same level of commitment and skill to her new marketing services. Wishing you all the best in your new venture!

Alina Suslova

Business Development

Recent work

New users for fintech scale-up

United Traders
πŸ“ Market focus: EMEA
πŸ™‹ Target audience: Retail Investors
🎯 Goals: Expand into a new niche of beginner investors.
What has been done
Addressed beginner investors' primary barrier: a lack of investment knowledge. Established multiple social media profiles, each with a unique persona authentically sharing their investment journey and insights.
Key achievement
The most engaging profile amassed 25,000 subscribers and was instrumental in converting over 1,000 users into clients.
Plus: Crafted content for the website to engage visitors, designed lead magnets, and created email campaigns.

Customer base for a business tool

The Orbit
πŸ“ Market focus: MENA
πŸ™‹ Target audience: Entrepreneurs
🎯 Goal: To establish a customer base by creating a brand of trusted service, offering entrepreneurs access to local experts for successful market entry.
What has been done
Rolled out a series of targeted webinars via Zoom and Eventbrite, specifically designed for founders venturing into new markets.
Key achievement
Gathered over 500 participants across the webinar series, establishing a solid customer base.
Plus: Curated website content and initiated social media accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

Investors for a pre-IPO company

Positive Technologies
πŸ“ Market focus: EMEA
πŸ™‹ Target audience: Retail Investors
🎯 Goal: Drive attention to the upcoming IPO (direct listing) and captivate potential investors.
What has been done
Launched a company-specific community and orchestrated a content strategy to showcase the IPO's value proposition.
Key achievement
Negotiated, planned, and established a 'content factory' β€” a systematic approach to generating and distributing engaging content.

Early adopters for HR-Tech startup

Hot Pies
πŸ“ Market focus: North America
πŸ™‹ Target audience: HR Professionals
🎯 Goals: To validate the product concept and secure first clients.
What has been done
Launched targeted outreach campaigns on LinkedIn and Slack, engaging directly with HR professionals to collect feedback and validate the product.
Key achievement
Successfully acquired initial customers.
Plus: Crafted website content and built a social media presence on LinkedIn and Telegram.

Community for a beauty service

πŸ“ Market focus: EMEA
πŸ™‹ Target audience: Beauty professionals
🎯 Goal: To expand the existing client base by positioning the platform as the primary resource for industry insights and announcements.
What has been done
Developed content for the website, maintained regular posts on social media, and gained media coverage.
Key achievement
Built a dedicated community for industry professionals.

Onboarding for a fintech startup

πŸ“ Market focus: UK
πŸ™‹ Target audience: Retail Investors
🎯 Goal: To capture new customers, who trust the platform.
What has been done
Developed the investment playbook, a critical resource for attracting leads and building the foundation of the company's online engagement strategy.
Key achievement
Secured the startup's first cohort of customers, leveraging the investment playbook as a pivotal element in building trust with the platform.

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