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My team does web development. Daria and I have worked on a few projects together, and I can say she's one of the best editors I've worked with. She truly understands client needs, requiring no revisions to her work.

Leonid Ruduk

CEO NoCodeRed

I really enjoyed working with Daria at United Traders where she was the Head of Content.
She had an exceptional talent for crafting content strategies and setting the perfect tone for our company. Her ability to engage our audience was always impressive. Now, as she starts her subscription-based marketing business, I'm excited to see her bring that same expertise and creativity. I'm looking forward to using her services for all my text needs in my companies and startups. She’s definitely the go-to person for top-notch content and marketing strategies.

Ivan Iufriakov

AI/ML PM | Prompt Engineer

It's the ideal solution when you need that extra marketing edge!
I've worked together on a couple of different projects, and each time, the support was just what we needed. On one project, the expertise in LinkedIn outreach significantly boosted our online presence. For another, the content created for our website was spot on, perfectly aligning with our brand.

Dana Abramenko

CMO Hot Pies

Daria stands out in content writing with her clear and engaging style.
We first met when she was my client, and her skills quickly impressed me. Her contributions have been invaluable, both in our projects and our startup. She's a great asset to any team.

Victor Gubanov

Founder at

It's hard to overstate the contribution to our success.
I had the pleasure of working with Daria on our ML startup. She was instrumental in assembling a talented team, securing vital investments, and shaping our strategy. I'm truly grateful for her dedication and expertise.

Cyril Kotrikov

Chief Data Scientist

We worked together with Daria in the early days of The Orbit startup last year, and the experience was both insightful and inspiring.
From organizing webinars to engaging with our initial customer base, Daria's dedication and ability to multitask were truly impressive. I have no doubt that she will bring the same level of commitment and skill to her new marketing services. Wishing you all the best in your new venture!

Alina Suslova

Business Development