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Review: AI Tools for Startup Ideas Generation and Validation

Written by
Daria Ofitserova
Published on
5 July 2023


Recently, there's been an increase in AI tools, especially for startups. I looked into tools listed on and to see how they compare in terms of value proposition and actual function.

Focus: Idea generation & validation

Outcome: AI can inspire and provide general insights, but human intuition remains key. These tools can provide sparks of inspiration, feedback, and guide initial steps, but a deeper dive is essential for concrete idea development.

Number of tools tested: 22

Preferred Tools:

Note: The goal here is to identify tools that produce good, but not perfect, results. I expect AI to handle the bulk of the task, but final refinements are up to humans.

Tools Tested

  • - "Turn your ideas into a solid business concept." Provides a startup project description based on your idea and frameworks. Free to use, with a $2.99 subscription fee for exports.
  • - "Get feedback to validate & improve startup ideas." Offers a list of three potential weak points for your idea.
  • - "Generate unique and innovative startup ideas by analyzing market trends." Offers a game-like experience combining random industries and solutions, with a search feature unlockable for $20.
  • - "Get an AI-powered market overview of your idea." Provides a perspective on your concept, though it may not always be directly applicable to real work.
  • - "ChatGPT but for Product Research." Upload your customer discovery transcripts and get insights.
  • - "Turn your business ideas into actionable roadmaps." Requires a $19/month fee after accessing features.
  • - "Faster Product-Market Fit with AI User Interviews." An online survey tool that's more suitable for later stages than early stages.
  • - "AI-generated ideas, voted by over 1.5M users." A platform to see startup ideas generated by AI with a Tinder-like swipe-left/swipe-right feature.
  • - "AI-powered tool to generate startup ideas from academic papers." The current state of the tool seems to be abandoned or inactive.
  • - "Startup and life advice chatbot." Provides philosophical feedback on your questions through Telegram. Requires a payment of $3 to continue.
  • - "From Idea to Reality: Let AI Craft Your Perfect Business Blueprint." Pricing starts from £10.
  • - "Your AI co-founder." Currently on a waitlist.
  • yc-funding-assistant - "YC Funding Assistant for startup & funding-related questions." Responds with hints on where to find your topic in YC’s content.
  • - "AI-powered research tool." Offers AI personas that you can prompt with your ideas.
  • - "An assistant for Startup Founders." Currently not available.
  • - "Generate and validate new business ideas." Currently not available.
  • - "Turn dull ideas into brilliance." Has transitioned to being a content creation assistant.
  • - "Generate, visualise, share & validate business ideas with AI." Currently in early access.
  • - "AI-powered app to help entrepreneurs & managers make decisions." The language and platform specifics are not clear.
  • - "Launch your business with our easy-to-use planning software." A tool to score ideas and create business plans from templates.
  • - "Explore new possibilities and expand your knowledge." Currently on a waitlist.
  • - "Turn your idea into a thriving startup." Offers a checklist for MVP considerations.

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